Vassen Stella 3 Tone Grey

Without flash

With flash

These came as part of the first circle lenses I ever bought, this was almost a year ago now. I didn't open them for a long time, because I quite rapidly collected circle lenses in a short period of time, and never got around to reviewing these. The first time I tried these lenses, they were so ridiculously uncomfortable I couldn't even take photos. A while has passed since then...

The lenses are grey, with a light golden brown inner ring, and a very feint black limbal ring. Pretty stock standard grey, quite light in colour, but very translucent!

The lenses have a natural design, I would say they are similar to the Geo princess Mimi grey, but less opaque. They have a similar tri colour design featuring a spikey outer rim, and golden brown inner ring which blends the grey colour into naturally brown eyes. Due to the lack of opacity in the outer ring and the grey area, these lenses give a great halo effect on my eyes, \due to the combination of the 15mm size and the light limbal ring.

The enlargement on these lenses is quite good. This is probably due to their 15 mm size. Although they are not as enlarging as other more vivid lenses, they're a good compromise, being still natural looking, yet still providing a good level of enlargement.

Although I really love the design and effect that these lenses have, I found them quite uncomfortable. If you look closely in the photos, you can see there's quite a bit of water in my tear ducts. I only put one of the lenses in as well, because I couldn't manage to get the other one in. (Thankfully I only took photos of one eye with all my other lens reviews as well haha!)

All in all, I really wish these lenses were more comfortable, their appearance is amazing and I'd wear these semi-casually. I'll probably try to wear to wear them again in a little while and see if anything has changed. I really do hope they get more comfortable. (Although I'm not making any bets on it)

Do you think weirder coloured lenses can look natural? Wear any yourselves? (I'd like to see who can fnd natural pink lenses!)


  1. aww, such a pity that this lens aren't comfortable to wear because the design is super gorgeous!

  2. Noo why's the comfort always bad on the most beautiful lenses T_T

  3. to be honest I think the design is not soo good because they don´t blend in your natural eyecolour :( I think on light eyes it might look more natural. But sad that they feel uncomfortable.


  4. They look really gorgeous but really pity it's so uncomfortable for your eyes. =(

  5. Weird colors can look natural! (to a certain point haha) The only pink lenses I've worn that I ever wore out were the keizen violets which was border line pink/purple. And these are very translucent but the crystal effect is pretty as well :)

  6. Awesome review! I didnt think I would like this at first glance but the more I stare at it, better it looks. xo - Tina


  7. Omg..these are big big! They look really nice on you :) Too bad they are not comfy. They kind of remind me of the Stella series or Gothic 3 tones :)

  8. ah too bad they are not comfortable to wear. i personally think the design is fantastic and looks great on you! :)

  9. hmm that's unfortunate that they're still not comfy to wear. hopefully you'll get some wear out of them before they expire. I'm seeing the slight water in your tear ducts and I'm thinking poor girl! lol :(

  10. These lenses are really pretty on your eyes! Too bad they are not as comfortable :( They are really nice and striking with a very pretty shine to it.

  11. The lenses are nice but I think too pixelated for me >< and especially since they're not comfortable that's not good D:

  12. They look very unique, I'm really liking the inner golden brown colour. Such a shame that they don't feel comfortable on!

  13. I get completely put of from uncomfortable lenses too! sorry it didn't work out too well in terms of comfort.. the patterns are pretty though.. I tend to shy away from vivid colour unless it's halloween sort, they just look weird on me lol.

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  15. I love lenses that look light like that! It's a shame they were so discomfortable >w<; It seems like they would have looked very nice with eye make-up! .___.

  16. I really love grey contacts! and I love circle lenses, but I don't like wearing them. I am super paranoid about putting them in my eyes! Haha I am such a weirdo!

  17. too bad that they're uncomfortable since they look super gorgeous on you! i had the same experience a couple of times and it's so annoying :/ it's like buying circle lenses for the trash can..
    lippi ~

  18. natalijayasmina-b.blogspot.comOctober 26, 2012 at 9:32 PM

    super gorgeous ♥♥♥♥♥♥ #

  19. they kind of make your eyes look all pixelated XD too bad their uncomfy though D: i like the color of them!

  20. I like when the lenses look really good but are clearly not normal colors. I don't like when I can see printed pixels or anything, though. I have never worn any myself, though.

  21. Heeeck yeah, some weirder coloured lenses can look natural. Case in point? The G&G/Dueba Max Pure Pink (or just 'Max Pure Pink). 8) In general, for some reason, people always ask if some of the more crazy lens colours (+ designs) are my 'actual eye colour'. -_-''

    Really? Red and violet are common eye colours?...

    Anyway, it's too bad these lenses are not comfy for you. :/ The colour looks pretty & it blends pretty well w/ your natural eye colour. Ugh. Hm... I suppose you've tried some vigorous rubbing already? Or maybe something like Clean Care?

    That fixed up a lens, before, that I was sure was defective~. C:

  22. I have a similar pair by a different brand (I can't even remember which one) and I wasn't a huge fan. There's something about the design that I'm actually not gaga over. I hate uncomfortable lenses! And I always have the hardest time putting lenses in.. lol

  23. super gorgeous ♥♥♥♥♥♥ #

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