Natio Rich Colour Creme Gloss - Passion

A a lover of red lips, I figured I should try out a red lipgloss. However, this wasn't the perfect pick up and I'll have to keep searching.

The packaging is quite plain, a clear tube to see the colour and a doe-foot applicator.
This lipgloss is the perfect colour. It's a blue based red, almost like raspberry juice. It has some blue/purple duochrome sparkles but they don't appear apparent on the lips nor are they grainy.

The formula is a medium consistency and not sticky at all. However it smells and tastes terrible. To me it tastes like plastic, maybe my lips are too close to my nose, but I literally cannot stand it. :/ I took it right off after I swatched it on my lips.

The reason why I dislike this gloss is mainly because of how it photographs. As you can see in the bottom two photographs, flash seems to go right through all the pigment, leaving it looking blotchy and terrible on the lips. It looks a lot smoother without flash (the top photo). The way it looks without flash is how it looks to the ordinary eye. I really wouldn't recommend wearing it if you're planning to get photographed though.

All in all, I really do think that you can find much better glosses with similar colours. I personally wouldn't obtain another gloss in this series. The colours aren't terribly unique and the smell is really off-putting to me.



  1. aww too bad this wasn't that nice...At first upon seeing the swatch I thought it look nice and pretty intense. But I totally got your point, it doesn't look that flattering on flash photography..T__T

  2. bummer the color looks so nice in the tube!


  3. ah too bad the lipgloss itself is a letdown. the color is quite nice!
    i don't think red lipgloss works by itself as well as we think, generally speaking. i only use it on top of red tint or lipstick to add shine. ;)

  4. I hate glosses that smell! Bad smelling lip glosses can be really off -putting. It is a pretty color, but you're right. It is not worth it when you can find a similar color that does not stink!

  5. I have a gloss from Natio that I hate the scent too but I love the colour!
    New follower here btw :)


  6. This shade looks quite pretty on the initial swatch, too bad it's patchy and has a bad smell. I'm not the biggest fan of gloss, but illamasqua would be my top pick!

  7. Good review - nice and honest!
    Thanks for visiting my Blog and let me know if you want to follow one another on GFC?

  8. Great post! Lovely color! Lovely outfit! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog <3 Would you like to follow each other? Let me know... Xx


  9. The swatch looks really pretty but agree with your comments. When it's on on lips, it looks really patchy and uneven.

  10. the color is beautiful!! very vampy looking :) that sucks about the flash that's one of the reasons i don't really like lipglosses that and the stickyness on my hair -__-

  11. love how drenched it looks despite bad photo qualities!

  12. oh no sorry it didnt work out.. the first picture looked fine as well. The colour suits you though!

  13. I am not much of a gloss person to start off with, and reading your review about it not tasting, smelling horrible and photographing bad makes me want to give this a pass. The shade on you looks amazing though. I would like to find a lip-tint with a similar colour!


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