Romantic gradient lip tutorial

This is a look inspired a little bit by valentines day. It's soft, it's girly and it's sweet. You won't even end up with red lipstick everywhere after a good makeout session haha!

Gradient lips can look really daunting to do, but it's really easy. This look is a variation on the ulzzang gradient lips, which usually only uses a liptint and is very subtle and delicate looking. I find that the ulzzang gradient lips don't suit me as they are too light, and I prefer to wear a darker lip. Instead I have chosen to use the L'Oreal Lip Caresse in Juliet, which is very strong and pigmented, and the more jelly-ish Revlon Lip Butter to blend it out and smooth out the gradient.

You can also try this look with purples, hot pinks or bright reds. Colours you may find too daunting to wear normally but will look great as a softer gradient.

I paired it up with a beige, taupe and grey eye look, these subtle colours really suit the soft gradient lips well.

What kind of makeup do you like to wear for valentines day? Sexy? Sweet?


Rose print

Singlet top - Country road
Skirt - Valleygirl
Shoes - Betts
Clutch - Nine west

Floral prints are probably my favourite patterns to wear. They're fun and girly, you can dress them up to go out, or dress them down for everyday. I particularly love the print on this skirt, it's on a satiny fabric and the details are just stunning. Pairing it with a simple black singlet top works perfectly with the deep colours of the print.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week. I just survived a ridiculous heatwave. It was 40+ week. Luckily my fridge was stocked up with iceblocks and I was munching on them whilst refusing to leave the comfort of my air conditioner.

So my dear readers what are your favourite prints to wear?

Oh oh and I'll end this post on a lame pun.
Why does Wally wear stripes?
Cos he doesn't want to be spotted. :]


Maybelline Color Tattoo - Audacious Asphalt, Tough as Taupe, Barely Branded, Too Cool

Although these have been out for ages, I've only had them for a couple of months and they're already a staple in my makeup kit. The color tattoos are incredibly versatile, you can use them as an eyeshadow, as a primer/base or even as an eyeliner. They're incredibly pigmented, and last for ages. I found with other cream shadows, that they can be incredibly temperamental to work with, however application of these is easy with both your fingers or a brush, and using both methods they go on smoothly.

The only downside is that I've seen other people reporting that they dry out after a while. I haven't hit that point yet, but I'm really hoping that screwing the lids on tightly will prevent that. Oh and a minor nitpick, the word color doesn't have a u. :( I guess that they didn't change it from the American market.

L to R : Audacious Asphalt, Tough as Taupe, Barely Branded, Too Cool

L to R : Audacious Asphalt, Tough as Taupe, Barely Branded, Too Cool

As you can see all the colors are metallic except for tough as taupe which is matte.
Too Cool - is a shimmery white.
Barely Branded - a shimmery warm beige.
Tough as taupe - a matte brown leaning taupe.
Audacious asphalt - a shimmery gunmetal grey, with green and gold particles, although they don't appear as strongly on the eye as they do in the swatch.

T to B : Too Cool, Barely Branded, Tough as Taupe, Audacious Asphalt

My favourite way to use them is probably as a simple sweep of all over color when I'm in a rush. It is also incredibly easy to create a simple smokey eye with them. The look below was just done with Tough as Taupe all over the lids, then grey eyeliner and facial powder to set, then polish it all off with a coat of mascara and a little powder for your brows. It takes no longer than 5 minutes and can be done with almost any color combination.

Simple smokey eye



Vassen Stella 3 Tone Grey

Without flash

With flash

These came as part of the first circle lenses I ever bought, this was almost a year ago now. I didn't open them for a long time, because I quite rapidly collected circle lenses in a short period of time, and never got around to reviewing these. The first time I tried these lenses, they were so ridiculously uncomfortable I couldn't even take photos. A while has passed since then...

The lenses are grey, with a light golden brown inner ring, and a very feint black limbal ring. Pretty stock standard grey, quite light in colour, but very translucent!

The lenses have a natural design, I would say they are similar to the Geo princess Mimi grey, but less opaque. They have a similar tri colour design featuring a spikey outer rim, and golden brown inner ring which blends the grey colour into naturally brown eyes. Due to the lack of opacity in the outer ring and the grey area, these lenses give a great halo effect on my eyes, \due to the combination of the 15mm size and the light limbal ring.

The enlargement on these lenses is quite good. This is probably due to their 15 mm size. Although they are not as enlarging as other more vivid lenses, they're a good compromise, being still natural looking, yet still providing a good level of enlargement.

Although I really love the design and effect that these lenses have, I found them quite uncomfortable. If you look closely in the photos, you can see there's quite a bit of water in my tear ducts. I only put one of the lenses in as well, because I couldn't manage to get the other one in. (Thankfully I only took photos of one eye with all my other lens reviews as well haha!)

All in all, I really wish these lenses were more comfortable, their appearance is amazing and I'd wear these semi-casually. I'll probably try to wear to wear them again in a little while and see if anything has changed. I really do hope they get more comfortable. (Although I'm not making any bets on it)

Do you think weirder coloured lenses can look natural? Wear any yourselves? (I'd like to see who can fnd natural pink lenses!)


Natio Rich Colour Creme Gloss - Passion

A a lover of red lips, I figured I should try out a red lipgloss. However, this wasn't the perfect pick up and I'll have to keep searching.

The packaging is quite plain, a clear tube to see the colour and a doe-foot applicator.
This lipgloss is the perfect colour. It's a blue based red, almost like raspberry juice. It has some blue/purple duochrome sparkles but they don't appear apparent on the lips nor are they grainy.

The formula is a medium consistency and not sticky at all. However it smells and tastes terrible. To me it tastes like plastic, maybe my lips are too close to my nose, but I literally cannot stand it. :/ I took it right off after I swatched it on my lips.

The reason why I dislike this gloss is mainly because of how it photographs. As you can see in the bottom two photographs, flash seems to go right through all the pigment, leaving it looking blotchy and terrible on the lips. It looks a lot smoother without flash (the top photo). The way it looks without flash is how it looks to the ordinary eye. I really wouldn't recommend wearing it if you're planning to get photographed though.

All in all, I really do think that you can find much better glosses with similar colours. I personally wouldn't obtain another gloss in this series. The colours aren't terribly unique and the smell is really off-putting to me.

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