Real Techniques silicone liner brush review

The real techniques range of brushes is one of my favourites, and this silicone liner brush is certainly not an exception. At first I was unsure whether I should purchase it or not, as a silicone eyeliner brush is quite odd sounding, however I was pleasantly surprised when I started using it.

The whole brush

I use this brush with gel eyeliners, and only gel eyeliners. I doubt that it can be used with liquid liners as it has no bristles and won't be able to hold product. It creates an incredibly fine line, and is very precise. Doing your eyeliner with this brush is very easy, I prefer to use the side of the brush rather than the very tip.

A big advantage of this brush is how easy it is to clean, you can wipe it down quite easily, and as there are no bristles to stubbornly hold product.

On the other hand it is disadvantageous that as the brush has no bristles, it doesn't hold very much product, and to get a very dark line it is likely that you will have to dip the brush in your eyeliner again. This isn't a huge issue for me however if you like thick dark lines, this may mean that your eyeliner takes a few dips to do.

A closeup

I did an eyeliner look using this brush to show how versatile it is. On the edges of my eye are thick smudgy smokey lines and on the top of my lids I lined very thinly.

Eyeliner using this brush

Overall I'm a huge fan of this brush, but the only downside is that it doesn't hold much product and it's a welcome addition to my weaponry of brushes!



Lush Adelaide Opening and FOTD

Lush in Rundle Mall, Adelaide reopened their store again last Friday and I was lucky enough to be invited to go to the opening. Seeing as this is Adelaide, it was a pretty big event and by the time I rocked up (15 minutes early infact) there was already a huge queue forming.

Body butters and soaps

Lush renovated their store to a completely new look one of the things I found impressive was that they used reclaimed wood for the fixtures in the store, which cements their organic, natural philosophy. I didn't get a lot of pictures because the store was so crowded, but I have a few little things to show!

Bath bombs


The store assistants were amazingly nice and the customer service didn't falter at all with how busy the store was. One of the store assistants was showing us the shower jellies, this is a photo of her wobbling them haha! I love the purple one, it smells like Ribena and is just heavenly.

Wobbly shower jellies in action

I wanted to pick up a lip scrub, and was having trouble deciding between bubblegum or popcorn. I chose bubblegum, and to my luck, they gave popcorn in their opening night goodie bag! Awesome. :D

My haul

I took this night as a chance to get dressed up, since I've been cooped up in my room for ages just studying for my exams. This was my FotD, I wanted something light and natural.
Foundation : Bourjois Healthy Mix
Lipstick : Revlon Liptember Pink
Contour : Sleek contour kit medium

Here's a close up of the eyes, I like to call them neapolitan eyes, vanilla white on the inner corner, strawberry pink in the middle and chocolate brown on the outside. :D Yum! I think it fits lush very well, with their flavour inspired products haha.

Base : Nyx Milk
Eyeshadow : Sleek storm
Eyeliner : K-palette 24 hr tattoo
Mascara : Majolica majorca lash expander Brows : Essence brow powder

And eyes closed

Do you have Lush in your city? What are you favourite products from Lush?


Pink and white

A while ago I saw a photoshoot with Emilia Clarke for Flare magazine, and her makeup was absolutely stunning and I told myself I'd have to try and recreate it. I love the soft pinks and the white eyeliner, its such a dramatic vivacious look that isn't crazily out there. I also love the contrast of the soft eye colours with the strong brow. I don't normally wear a strong brow, but I tried it fo this look, gotta be as authentic as possible haha.

Unfortunately I don't think white eyeliner is my style. Maybe one day when I wake up and am in the body of someone as gorgeous as Emilia Clarke I can pull it off. (Here's to dreaming)

Gosh so jelly

Eyeshadow : Sleek iDivine Storm
Eyeliner : NYX Milk
Mascara : Max factor
Brow pencil : Essence
Brow powder : Essence

Ok I severely lack Emilias elegance...

Has anyone else tried this look? I've seen lots of people on reddit recreate it. Or even what are your thoughts on white eyeliner in general?


Romantic gradient lip tutorial

This is a look inspired a little bit by valentines day. It's soft, it's girly and it's sweet. You won't even end up with red lipstick everywhere after a good makeout session haha!

Gradient lips can look really daunting to do, but it's really easy. This look is a variation on the ulzzang gradient lips, which usually only uses a liptint and is very subtle and delicate looking. I find that the ulzzang gradient lips don't suit me as they are too light, and I prefer to wear a darker lip. Instead I have chosen to use the L'Oreal Lip Caresse in Juliet, which is very strong and pigmented, and the more jelly-ish Revlon Lip Butter to blend it out and smooth out the gradient.

You can also try this look with purples, hot pinks or bright reds. Colours you may find too daunting to wear normally but will look great as a softer gradient.

I paired it up with a beige, taupe and grey eye look, these subtle colours really suit the soft gradient lips well.

What kind of makeup do you like to wear for valentines day? Sexy? Sweet?


Rose print

Singlet top - Country road
Skirt - Valleygirl
Shoes - Betts
Clutch - Nine west

Floral prints are probably my favourite patterns to wear. They're fun and girly, you can dress them up to go out, or dress them down for everyday. I particularly love the print on this skirt, it's on a satiny fabric and the details are just stunning. Pairing it with a simple black singlet top works perfectly with the deep colours of the print.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week. I just survived a ridiculous heatwave. It was 40+ week. Luckily my fridge was stocked up with iceblocks and I was munching on them whilst refusing to leave the comfort of my air conditioner.

So my dear readers what are your favourite prints to wear?

Oh oh and I'll end this post on a lame pun.
Why does Wally wear stripes?
Cos he doesn't want to be spotted. :]
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